Unique atmosphere of the city — merging of a tradition and modernity

Lodz is an unusual, unique city of a multi-cultural nature and a post-industrial landscape, where in a fascinating atmosphere and rich artistic tradition, the implementation of creative activities in the areas of film, avant-garde art and fashion is supported. The special and intriguing thing in Lodz is not only the combination of an austere, industrial architecture and creativity, but also its industrial heritage and various areas of artistic exploration.

Today, in this multi-dimensional city which emerged from four co-existing cultures, inspired by various impacts, styles and ideas, tradition and new values intersperse, not only encouraging to activity and creativity but also to continuously search for further possibilities of its growth.

The energy of this place and its residents is the driving force which transformed Lodz from a small, rural town into an industrial metropolis, constantly inspiring to new achievements in the area of culture, business, tourism, and education.

Present-day Łódź places emphasis on the development of creative industries: fashion, designing and art and the modern business services, such as BPO, SSC and new technologies. Benefiting from an advantageous central location in Poland, and thus Central-Eastern Europe, the city and the surrounding region have also together become one of the most significant logistics and distribution centres in Europe.

New investments such as Łódź Fabryczna underground railway station and the New Centre of Łódź, realised in cooperation with world-famous architects, as well as the completion of a cross-city tunnel under Lodz planned for the nearest future, starting a new era in the history of Lodz. Today, in EC1, once thriving power plant, the Europe’s most modern Planetarium operates, there are also the headquarters of the National Centre for Film Culture, the Centre of Cartoons and Interactive Narration, as well as a unique Centre of Science and Technology, where tradition combines with new technologies. The new heart of the city with a Special Art Zone and Katarzyna Kobro market square with four streets – Polish, Jewish, German, and Russian, referring to the four cultures which once shaped the exceptional nature of the city, is being built right over the multi-level, modern railway station.

These changes can be seen not only in terms of economy and business: this profound transformation also involves society, improvements in living conditions covering the labour market and the revitalisation of historical buildings and entire city quarters, something which Łódź has long been famous for.