Studying at the University of Lodz is an opportunity to meet people representing the variety of cultures from all over the world. It is also receptive to international students so I feel comfortable here. The University
of Lodz gives me a chance to get education on a high quality level. Now I’m convinced that I’ve made a perfect decision.


Tawanda Chikoore, Zimbabwe, Computer Science BA



Only positive impressions...

I came to Poland to study for my Master’s degree in Computer Science at Lodz University of Technology. During my studies, I had the opportunity to complete an internship at one of the big companies in the city. Recently, I took the decision to stay in Lodz and to continue my studies at the doctoral level. The students of my Department have the opportunity to conduct their research on process tomography at one of the most modern laboratories in the world. I noticed that the professors are very open to share their knowledge and try to encourage students to do more practical projects, e.g. in various programming courses. As the campus is located very close to the centre of the city and the classrooms are within a walking distance from the student dormitories, I have enough time to rest and relax after my
daily classes. Since I arrived at the campus, the Unit for Internationalization of Education of the University has been readily available and helped me a lot by accommodating my needs. Studying in Lodz, Poland, is fairly cheap when compared with the quality of education provided and it is a great opportunity to meet other foreign international students like me.

Selam Waktola, Ethiopia



I’ve chosen MUL because of the good quality of studying. The University itself is dynamic with excellent professors and doctors, and offers various study methods.

Sanel Zajnelagic, Norway


There are a variety of dorms to choose from. Each one has its advantages, so you can’t go wrong! Whether you choose to live in Hallera, Mazowiecka, or Lumumby, you’ll meet new friends, go to your fair share of BBQs, and of course make some unbelievable memories!

Alexandra Hul, USA

Before I came to study in Poland I had travelled and l had many jobs. During this travels I have met many Poles. I found them very hospitable and generous. Soon I fell in love with the Polish language which sounds to me pleasant. I realized that I wanted to learn the language and I thought the best way to do it would be studying in Poland. When I came to Poland I immediately felt like home. I made many life-long friendships. The studies at the Lodz Film School developed me not only as a film-maker but also as a person.

Martin Rath, Germany, Lodz Film School direction student




Well, about my stay in Lodz...

What can I say except for that I loved every bit of it? Which is why I stayed for a second semester. The Polish people I met were very nice, warm and helpful. The Academy was very inspiring and I really appreciated all the technical possibilities it offered. The professors were great to work with and they really helped me a lot with my projects. And as for the city itself... Well, you have to get to know Lodz to really appreciate it. It has quite a few great places and a charm of it’s own.

Alexandra, Romania




First of all I want to say I liked Polish people very much because they are very kind and helpful, friendship with them is very fun… You can feel relaxed in Lodz. There’s a very nice concert hall where I would like to play again. Education is good, you can ask teachers everything. I was glad to be there...

Elif Candas, Ankara, Turkey, 2nd year of 2nd cycle studies, piano; Faculty of Piano, Organ, Harpsichord and Early Instruments