Sport plays a very important role in the life of Lodz residents. The interest in recreation and various forms of active rest is increasing year by year. New facilities are built and the activity of sports clubs is developing.

In recent years, three new stadiums, two training centres, a small hall for team games have been built, and the Fala Aquapark has been expanded, as well as the Anilana swimming pool at Sobolowa street has been modernized. The city supported also the construction of the Sports Bay of the Lodz University of Technology which includes, among others, the Poland’s most modern complex of professional swimming pools, indoor Olympic-size swimming pool and a 10-metre jumping tower.

Lodz is also a place where a lot of international and national competitions and championships are organised. Each year, there are over 140 sports and recreational events promoting various disciplines and forms of rest. Our city was and is a place of the largest volleyball championships, including world championships, Europe championships, and Champions League. The international athletics’ meeting Orlen Cup became the most prominent event. The participants of Europe basketball championships and American football players appeared in Atlas Arena. You can also watch there spectacular motorcycle racings. Polish rugby teams, except for league-level teams, often appear in Lodz stadiums.

Among the stars from Lodz promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle are, e.g. Olympic athletes: Adam Kszczot, Agnieszka Nagay, Aleksandra Urbańczyk-Olejarczyk, Mariusz Wlazły, Mieczysław Nowicki, Artur Partyka, Mariusz Czerkawski i Marian Woronin, as well as Marcin Gortat and Iwona Guzowska. 

The nature creates favourable conditions for active forms of rest in the city. Lodz is, among others, several dozen of parks and one of the Europe’s largest urban forest complexes — Łagiewnicki Forest. These are the perfect places to do the simplest and at the same time the most popular forms of activities: walking, jogging or cycling. In the area of the green oasis, there are also sports and recreational centres wonderfully located.

Very few people know that there are as many as 18 rivers and streams flowing through the city. Three of them serve as bathing water, enjoying high popularity among the residents of the city. Arturówek, Jan’s Ponds (Stawy Jana), Stefański’s Ponds (Stawy Stefańskiego) and Młynek ensure perfect conditions for relax and rest. The bathing offer is supplemented by swimming pools. Lovers of two-wheeled vehicles have at their disposal a network of roads and bicycle paths which by 2020 it is supposed to cover around 250 km and fans of horse-riding — the Europe’s longest horse trail.