It is not new that Lodz, formerly called “promised land”, has attracted entrepreneurs and world-famous investors. Manufacturers were attracted to Lodz because of conveniences: possibility to invest and build, free building material, tax incentives, communication and loan guarantees. Since then, it’s been almost 200 years, and the city still attracts investors.

Well-educated young people, business and unique character of the city and the geographical location in the centre of Europe — these are only some of the assets of Lodz!

In the past, the city was based on textile industry, today — it changes its nature and follows towards modern business services (BPO/ SSC and IT) and new technologies branches and also creatives industries. A lot of post-industrial buildings have already been transformed into modern office buildings.

Creative thinking in economy requires looking for new investors from the fields based on innovation and new technologies. Modern sectors such as: business service centres (BPO/SSC and IT), logistic, biotechnology, computer games production, as well as production of household articles and electronic industry constitute priorities for the economic development of Lodz.

Consequence in activities undertaken and creating and development of a Special Economic Zone in Lodz have brought notable benefits in the form of many investments, particularly in the priority sectors.

Well-known, international companies have invested in Lodz, among others: ABB, Accenture, Amcor, Barry Callebaut Manufacturing Polska, B/S/H, DB Schenker, DHL Express, Fujitsu Technology Solution, Hutchinson, Infosys, Nordea, Philips Polska, Procter&Gamble, Southwestern BPO, Whirlpool or McCormick.