OFF Piotrkowska

This place is the essence of creative Lodz. If you are looking for a place where you could have fun, taste great food, buy designer clothes, then you must go there. OFF Piotrkowska is a cultural and entertainment space filled by clubs, cafes, studios of architects, fashion designers, boutiques with remarkable clothes, a bookshop, and a publishing house and mini-skatepark.

OFF — you can love it or hate it, either you will like the peculiar architecture and atmosphere or not, but you must visit this place. It’s the perfect place to be, to create, to live!

OFF Piotrkowska attracts visitors at every age, on weekends crowds are coming for concerts, among others, DOM club, Spaleni Słońcem club and cafe, popular ATO Ramen or an African pub called Meg Mu, as well as many other interesting and unusual places. However, in weekend late mornings it is not less crowded, among others, thanks to Eco Market, or excellent breakfasts in Drukarnia, Spółdzielnia or Mit.


It is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable places in the city, for both residents and tourists. Everybody can find something oneself. On the one hand, it is an enormous shopping complex with over 250 shops and boutiques of well-known and valued brands.
On the other, there are many other attractions such as: cinemas, museums, theatres, dance studio, bowling club, fitness club, a climbing wall, kids zones, in winter — an ice rink, and in summer — beach volleyball court. In addition, almost 40 restaurants and several facilities providing cosmetics and hairdressing services.

It is supplemented by numerous cultural and entertainment events organised at a huge, three-hectare market square. Above Manufaktura, there is an exclusive Hotel Andel’s — located in the largest building of the factory complex, and the Palace of Poznański family, often called the “Lodz Louvre”, adds splendour. Moreover, there is the Europe’s longest fountain at the market square. Come and see how Manufaktura drives Lodz, by which it bewitches being one of favourite meeting place form the residents of Lodz and the whole region.

Piotrkowska Street + student clubs

When you hear “Piotrkowska” — you think Lodz! Once a route to Piotrków Trybunalski constituting the city axis, today it still plays the role of a backbone, the main promenade, and the location of places searched is determined with reference to Piotrkowska. During a walk, it is worth lifting your head and admiring beautiful, old, renovated tenement houses being an element of the city’s history. There are designer shops, cafes and restaurants.  

“Pietryna” is the main target of weekend trips to the city. On Friday or Saturday, the traffic on the street after 9 pm is way heavier than on the remaining days of a week. There are over 100 pubs, and during summer season, colourful café gardens create a remarkable atmosphere and encourage to rest. There are numerous festivals, fairs, artistic happenings, as well as sports and cultural events organised on “Pietryna”. One of those cyclic events is the “Light Move Festival - Kinetic Art Festival of Lights” — sound, music, colour, the city’s identity in one place. This cannot be described, you simply must see it!

Only on “Pietryna” you can meet Tuwim sitting on his famous bench, listen wandering musicians, taste local delicacies and buy souvenirs.

Student life outside Piotrkowska is visible also in all pubs, clubs, restaurants and student bars in Lumumbowo and at the campus of Lodz University of Technology, where parties often last until dawn.

Concerts – Atlas Arena, Wytwórnia, Wima

A student does not live by learning alone, and in order to relax, he or she needs good concerts and events from time to time. In Lodz, you can find at least several dozen places with an interesting offer.

Atlas Arena, one of the largest sports and concert hall in Poland should be mentioned as first — it has attracted fans of Polish and foreign music for years, to concerts by such stars as Sting, Eric Clapton, Iron Maiden, or Depeche Mode.

You can hear life music almost every day in a well-known Wytwórnia club. In the old photographic halls of the Feature Films Studio in Lodz, there is the city’s largest artistic project being realised. One night, it is a concert club, the other, a theatre stage, and the next — an atmospheric pub. The biggest advantage of the Wytwórnia Club is the perfect acoustics in the halls. The club is connected by fibre-optic cables with other Lodz cultural institutions, which enables a direct Internet transmission.

A place for the Young created by the Young is WI – MA, an alternative activity zone located in a former factory space at al. Piłsudskiego. There is a music centre, art studio and a conservation workshop of a group of filmmakers.

A compendium on events organised in our city can be found at the website of Lodz Event Centre

Shopping centres — where to shop in Lodz?

Shopping in Lodz is never boring! There are a few big shopping centres located in the city. It is worth mentioning the largest four: mentioned before Manufaktura, Galeria Łódzka, Port Łódź, Sukcesja. They offer not only shopping in shops with the best clothes and shoes brands, they are also popular places for meeting and entertainment.

Green areas of Łódź

There are several parks and squares in Łódź. 11 of public parks have been recognized as cultural monuments. Piłsudskiego Park, Poniatowskiego Park, Mickiewicza Park, Źródliska Park and 3 Maja Park are the largest parks in Łódź. In most parks there are water reservoirs and places designated for recreation. When the weather is nice, on weekends (and not only),  we can meet a lot of people resting passively or actively. More information about other interesting places in Łódź and their exact location can be found at uml.lodz.pl/czas-wolny/zielen-i-rekreacja/parki-i-zielence/. Also Botanic Garden or Zoo are worth mentioning.

TME Polówka, a film event, has been operating since 2008. Film screenings can be seen in various Łódź locations in the open air (including Piłduskiego and Mickewicza Parks). The initiative works thanks to the support of the City of Lodz Office and sponsors, partners and media patrons.