Lodz provides a lot of possibilities of spending free time, developing interests, it attracts by numerous entertaining activities, but how to get money for all of it?

Becoming a student, you are entitled to apply for a financial aid which is dependent, similarly as in the case of a room in a students’ hostel, on the amount of per capita income. There are also scholarships granted for learning achievements (high average mark, scientific activity), so you can cleverly combine business (knowledge) with pleasure (money). There are also a lot of possibilities of employment for students as part of an apprenticeship and internship in gastronomy, numerous shopping centres, BPO or IT companies, and a lot more.

“Youth in Lodz” Programme provides many opportunities of free self-education and gaining experience as well as getting additional money, thorough participation in free initiatives such as trainings, apprenticeships and internships, paid holiday internships, visits in companies, and scholarships from employers and from the City.

Additionally, each University has a Career Office offering advice in the scope of development as well as a wide range of internship and job offers for students from a given school. It is worth considering also using your own skills and start providing tutoring.

The resourceful and creative ones can work towards starting one’s own business. Thanks to such places as Incubators or Accelerators, persons who want to try their hand in business, may test oneself without putting great amount of money for renting an office, and additionally, getting legal, tax-related, marketing and financial support.