Competition for high school students


LODZ- THE CAPITAL OF THE MOST ATTRACTIVE UNIVERSITIES IN POLAND it is enough to send an entry together with a biographical note about the author

(name, surname, date of birth, school, address and contact phone number) to the following e-mail address: studyinlodz@ecm.edu.pl

The deadline for submissions is August 30, 2021 

Choose the nature of your competition entry

1. Artistic event

Create a project of a cultural event whose main task will be to promote Lodz and its universities. The idea counts!

2. Film

Be creative!!! Record a short promotional video which will encourage students to study in Łódź. Show that Lodz is the best.  




3. Photo / Infographics

See how easy it is!
Take an interesting picture or design an infographic to show why it is worth studying in Lodz.


4. Poster

Create a poster promoting academic Lodz, scientific Lodz.

Competition regulations