In cooperation with the City of Lodz, the European Youth Centre Association encourages you to familiarize yourself with the latest project

"LODZ - THE CAPITAL OF THE MOST ATTRACTIVE UNIVERSITIES IN POLAND" aimed at presenting positive aspects of scientific and academic Łódź.

Knowledge and science are the fundamental elements of community development in any region. Altogether, at 19 universities in Lodz - 6 public and 13 non-public - there are over 70 thousand students, including over 5.5 thousand foreign students, and every year about 20 thousand graduates receive a diploma.

Co-creating the academic environment in Lodz, students will shape the identity of the city. They will become representatives of the community whose voice is very important in Lodz.

First of all, however, they will get a chance to study at universities with excellent lecturers,

excellent teaching facilities and occupying higher and higher positions in academic rankings.

The activities of the city authorities are focused on the development of Łódź as a knowledge-based center,

The city's authorities focus on the development of Lodz as a centre based on knowledge, innovative and focused on new technologies, but above all attractive for young, talented people to live and work in.

Our slogan is: Choose Lodz - choose a better future in the capital of the most attractive universities in Poland.