I study in Lodz

Let’s meet in Lodz!

Lodz is the fourth largest city in Poland (293.2 km2) and third most populated one (around  700 thousand people).  Lodz, located at the heart of Poland  and Europe, is a rapidly growing, one of the most important academic centres in the country. The city in which there are 19 higher education schools — 7 public and 12 non-public ones is a symbol of academic prestige, as well as an example of a perfect cooperation between higher education institutions and business. Apart from a rich educational offer, the city guarantees students a unique atmosphere, as one should remember that Lodz is dynamically growing, continuously surprises and inspires, as well as attracts new investments, more entrepreneurs and interesting people — artists, persons related to the world of film, music, fashion designers and designers. Each of you may join this group!